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We were delighted earlier this year when Indie gave birth to 5 kittens on 6th May 2023. There were 4 boys and 1 girl. Their dad is the very handsome BB and you can see his picture in the gallery below.

We won't be having anymore kittens now until 2024.  If you are interested in a kitten, please keep an eye on the website and our social media.  I don't keep a waiting list unless I have a pregnant girl.

Before contacting us, please read the Kitten T&Cs at the bottom of the page.

Kittens: About

2023 Kittens - The Bowie Litter

Kittens: About

Copernicus Rebel-Rebel - Teddy now lives with Anne and Zoe

Cream Boy

This little lad was the first to be born and seems to be the first to do everything: purr, open his eyes, double his birth weight.  He has the most adorable teddy bear face and is just a lovebug.

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Copernicus Stardust - Atlas now lives with Claire & Roy

Blue Silver Tabby Boy

Our little blue boy shows beautiful tabby markings all over his face and down his legs.  As he’s getting bigger we can see the pattern emerging in silver on the body.

Kittens: About

Copernicus Tali at Zivannaz - Tali now lives with Ann

Black Silver Tortie Tabby Girl

The second kitten to be born is this very striking little girl.  She almost looks like she's wearing a white mask over her eyes.  Like her older brother, she loves to snuggle and have her belly rubbed.

Kittens: About

Copernicus Aladdin Sane - Crouton now lives with Zsofia and Piotr

Red Silver Tabby Boy

This little lad is almost identical to his litter mate and has big opinions too. You can always find the two of them cuddling next to each other, just like they would have in the womb.

Kittens: About

Copernicus Ziggy of Eastcroft - Ziggy now lives with Nicola

Red Silver Tabby Boy

The first of our red tabby boys came out screaming and hasn't stopped talking since.  He has an opinion on everything, especially which teat he drinks from.  Unfortunately, the boys all favour the same one so I have to break up the milk bar fights occasionally

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Kittens: Welcome

Kitten T & Cs

If you are interested in a kitten, please contact me to go on the waiting list. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Before contacting us, please consider the following:

  • I only sell kittens to loving, permanent homes.

  • Kittens must be kept indoors at all times except if they have access to a secure outside catio. 

  • No decisions on kittens can be made until I have met prospective new owners in person on their first visit.

  • To secure your kitten, a deposit is required.  This can be left on your first visit if you have made a decision or afterwards.  

  • Kittens can be collected on your second visit after the kittens are 13 weeks old and the balance of payment has been made.


All Copernicus kittens stay with me until they are at least 13 weeks old.  They will come to you fully vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.  In addition to this, they'll have 4 weeks free insurance with Agria and a kitten pack.

All kittens are GCCF registered and you will be provided with their full paperwork including a 5 generation pedigree, owner transfer form and a guide to feeding and grooming your kitten. 

Kittens: About Us

Contact Us

London, UK

Thanks for submitting!

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